Jordan  (2019)

Series of photographs  (90 x 70 cm)

The Feast of the Jordan, also known as Baptism of the Lord, is one of the twelve great holidays in the Orthodox Church. The holy liturgy in the church is followed by

a solemn procession to the river bank, symbolizing the Jordan, followed by the consecration of the water.        
In the Polish Orthodox communities, the believers take water to consecrate their homes or wash their faces and hands in it.  
The Feast of the Jordan is also celebrated by the Orthodox Ukrainians living in Warsaw, they gather at Czerniakowskie Lake where water is consecrated and then a ritual bath takes place. Information about the event appears only among members of the Ukrainian community.  

The neighbors, who have been our neighbors in the geopolitical sense so far, are becoming them more and more often in the real sense. They bring their religion, culture and tradition, which exists alongside ours. But often is not available to us because of the language barrier.