TENSITY (2018)

Director / Cinematographer

"It’s a very earthy film that connects the body to art in a way that’s accessible and moving – like all great art should be capable of doing.”

​Ashley Maniw, Redline International Film Festival, Canada

Experimental artistic documentary about dance and contemporary theater.

The story is being led by Helena Ganjalyan - actress, dancer and choreographer. By clashing the disturbing dance with abstract shots of nature, the director introduces the world of art from the borderline of theater, performance and dance to the viewer. The narrative of the actress is a pretext to create a multi-threaded visual-sound history in which elements such as body, space or water mix together creating a coherent picture filled with internal tensions and pulsating energy.
The dance based on the figure of Ophelia from Shakespeare's "Hamlet" raises issues such as independence, autonomy, freedom, the right to determine oneself and its physicality.
All special effect shots used in the film were made using traditional methods.

Running time: 11:00

Directed & Cinematography    Konrad Kultys
Second Camera                         Dorota Stolarska
Music                                          Schwarzer Zwerg
Editing                                        Dorota Stolarska & Konrad Kultys
Starring                                       Helena Ganjalyan

Production:                                KULTFILM